Escape to Vama Veche 2017

Escape to Vama Veche is the National Event of ESN Romania that is creating a complete student experience at the seaside. This year, the participants will enjoy 3 great days on the beach of Vama Veche.

Do you wonder why Escape to Vama Veche is such a great experience?

Participants will enjoy activities such as...

  • Beach Olympics - Sport and Entertainment Activities
  • Trip to Balcik
  • Awesome parties 

But Escape to Vama Veche is more than just fun...

The students will participate to a SocialErasmus activity: cleaning the beach while having fun through one big competition. 

This year, during Escape to Vama Veche we will celebrate more than the Labor Day...

We will celebrate the 30th Anniversary of Erasmus! Students will participate to a Flag Parade, where they will represent their country. And, because it is all about joy, they will color the beach  of Vama Veche later on. 

Sounds good, isn't it?


28/04/2017 to 01/05/2017