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Tudor Țoțovînă

Erasmus mode activated! Destination: Romania

First of all, congratulations on choosing Romania as a destination for your Erasmus. We're excited to have you as an Erasmus student, to see for yourself how it is to live in Romania.

For COVID information and updates, please see our home page article about it and especially the links mentioned there.


Documents and all that blah-blah

Let's start with your documents, make sure you have all your needed documents (the IRO sent you a list) and remember to make some copies of them before leaving your country and try to have your passport or ID and flight details handy and ready to use.

If it's your first time flying, be sure to read all the information before boarding (such as luggage weight limit, liquid limitations for shampoos and personal hygiene stuff and so on) and relax, enjoy the flight.

When reaching Romania, you should know that most of the information in Airports is in English and perhaps in other languages. If you’d need further assistance, try asking your local section and perhaps even your Buddy. 


Your home for the next few months

No matter the town/university you chose, you should be aware that the weather in Romania is a bit colder, even in the upcoming months of March or even April. The geography of Romania varies a lot - from mountain ranges to windy seaside to the “concrete jungle”. So you should pack accordingly, right?

Make sure you come with a pretty-big troller bringing with you clothes for all seasons.You’d think winter in April is a myth, a legend..but Romania would like to differ. If you happen to forget your favourite outfit, fear not, you can use the services of one of our partners, Eurosender, and have it shipped right at your door! 

Take your most comfortable shoes as you’ll probably be exploring a lot of our beautiful country but don’t forget the fancy ones, too, since our bars or clubs will blow your mind!

Your baggage should also fit some snacks or treats from your home, in case you’d like to impress your fellow Erasmus students or the locals. (one of the events ESN is organising is “International Dinner” where you can showcase food/treats from your local country - wink wink)


Let’s get wild now

Research a bit about our country and try to make a Check-list of places you’d like to visit, or activities you’d like to do here.

You could read our other blog articles: Folklore-inspired Romanian customs in modern days, Halloween in Transylvania 2019 - Discover Romania with exchange students or read about the National Projects ESN Romania will host in the upcoming semester: International Erasmus Games - Romanian National Phase and Escape to Vama Veche or who knows, if you’re here in October you should definitely check out Halloween in Transylvania.

Ah, just remembered something. You should keep in mind that the power plugs and sockets are type “F” and its standard voltage is 230V while the frequency is 50Hz.

With all that said, have fun, live and learn!