How does music influence us?
Written by: 
Alexandra Cojocaru

How does music influence us?

Wherever we are, at any given point in time, we are surrounded by music. While some people may view music as a combination of vocal or instrumental sounds, music is in fact much more. Think about breathing or a clock ticking, even a leaking pipe – no classic instruments, but with a little creativity music may appear. One can simply not imagine life without music. In the words of Luis Armstrong, „music is life itself”. So how does it all impact us?

Music as a form of therapy

Music can be used in daily life for relaxation, to gain energy when feeling drained, for catharsis when dealing with emotional stress, and in other ways as well. Research has shown that music has a profound effect on your body and psyche. How you may wonder? First of all, a strong beat stimulates brainwaves to resonate in sync with the beat, therefore a faster beat can lead to more alert thinking, while a slower tempo can put you in a state of calmness. The same rule applies to your breathing. Fast tempo, equals more frequent and unregular air intakes, while a slower tempo allows you to have a paced breathing.

Music as a mood influencer

In films, soundtracks or pieces of music directly relate to how viewers will feel. Ever wonder why a certain ad stuck with you? What about that ad that you so often see and slowly start to despise? Think about it, did it have a catchy tune, have you ever found yourself humming the melody? Research has shown marketers use music in advertisements for this exact reason. To make the ads memorable, create a certain emotion and make their product more desirable. In the end, you should feel that buying that product will make you feel as shown in the ad.

Music and culture

Music is a great way through which one can discover a new culture, as well as create great bonds between people. Travelling, listening to local music, is a great place to start your journey of uncovering the beauty of a new culture, the history of a nation, and almost like a time capsule, music can be captured for eternity. Music can also be used to learn a language. For example, think about the time you were a kid and started learning the alphabet.

Meeting new people is great, but this may not come so easily to everyone. But bring someone with a guitar (any other instrument should work as well), or a speaker at a gathering and everyone seems to relax and start chatting. Maybe your favourite tune starts playing, you start grooving and when you look around the room, a couple of others seem to enjoy the song just as much as you. Chances are, you might have more in common with them than initially thought and you just found your conversation starter.

There is no denying that music is all around us, whether we realise it or not. It can be very beneficial, be it for making new bonds with people, lifting your spirits or creating and helping you deal with certain emotions. Music will not let you down.

“Life is one grand sweet song so start the music.” – Ronald Reagan

Halloween in Transylvania - group picture at Rasnov
Written by: 
Maria Fotache

Halloween in Transylvania 2019 - Discover Romania with exchange students

The mysterious and intriguing Road to Dracula led the 2019 Erasmus+ students to the discovery of the beauty and friendliness of Brasov. Halloween in Transylvania represents the most wanted event organized by Erasmus Student Network Romania, because of its unexpected ways of unravelling the secrets of the region. The wilderness of Brasov’s nature gave the Erasmus+ students the chance to take a breath of fresh air, while the architecture of the city and of the castles stand impressive in front of their eyes, making them feel like guests of honour.

Participants at Peles CastleHaving fun while discovering new ways to express yourself represents a major part in our mission of integrating people from all over the world.

Peleș welcomed the Erasmus+ students with its characteristic royalty and sense of beauty. They enjoyed the opportunity of observing a royal lifestyle and showed a real interest in Romanian culture, architecture and history. On the second day of Halloween in Transylvania, the Erasmus+ students followed Dracula’s path right to his home, Bran Castle. The historical heritage is as grandiose as the construction, the mystery being at the core of its popularity. After the visit to Bran, the students learned about Rasnov Citadel, another main attraction in Brasov. The view was astonishing and the climb felt easier because we were all together, making memories for life. Volunteers or students, we were all brought closer by the same feeling of being part of this great family which is Erasmus Student Network.

Participants at Halloween Party


On the other hand, the wildest creatures lit up the darkest night of the year, at the first party of this edition of Halloween in Transylvania. Good girls gone bad, vampires, zombies along with various characters scared every bit of sleep and danced the night away, at Halloween Party. Seems like a costume and some loud music are the main ingredients in this exciting mixture of imagination. Halloween in Transylvania took a mysterious turn on the second night of the event, at Masquerade Ball. To follow the old concept, every student put on fancy dresses and elegant suits and created a nonconventional party. Every hidden face uncovered the true beauty and the joy that lie within every student.

Participants at Flag Parade

The third day of the trip meant intense emotions, big smiles and a lot of color. The sensational Balasa percussion band guided the students with their amazing rhythm. The Erasmus+ students made Flag Parade the most exciting event and their contagious energy took over Brasov's streets. Drums, flags and hearts, were all synchronized to create one of the most iconic moments of Halloween in Transylvania. Seven hundred voices and souls were brought together by the same feeling of unity. Even if we don't share the same colours when it comes to flags, we, for sure, share the love for this amazing family.

“This event truly made me feel like I am part of the Erasmus Generation” - participant, HiT 2019

During the last day of the event, the great treasures of Brasov were hunted down by our excited Erasmus+ students. The City Contest was meant to bring together teams of enthusiastic students and make them see Brasov through a different perspective, one that involves a lot of determination and strategy. Volunteers waited patiently for each team to reach every point on the map and complete every task. It was even more fulfilling seeing the smiles on their faces and the eagerness to win in their eyes. It was ‘the best way to arrange a city tour’, as one student said.

Erasmus Student Network tries to offer students from all around the world better opportunities to learn and become aware of the cultural and social impact of people and places. Halloween in Transylvania reinforced the idea that when we are together we are stronger and happier.