Every five years, EU citizens get to choose who will represent them in the European Parliament in one of the biggest democratic votes in the world. 


In 2024, EU citizens will elect 720 Members of Parliament (MEPs), depending on the size of the population of each country, with smaller countries getting more seats than strict proportionality would imply. You can vote for your own country or for the country that you live in.


When you are voting in the EU elections, you are voting for representatives of national political parties that may occupy a seat in the European Parliament. Once elected, most MEPs choose to become part of wider political groups, and most national parties are affiliated to European-wide political parties. Find out more about political groups in the European Parliament here.


In 2024, elections will take place all across the European Union between the 6th and 9th of June. In Romania, EU elections will take place on the 9th of June, together with local elections. Depending on the country you are voting for, you may also  be able to vote online, by mail or by proxy. Keep in mind that prior registration may be required in order to vote!


Find out how elections work in each country.