Exciting News for Erasmus+ and European Solidarity Corps Participants: OLS Launches Video Contest with Interrail Global Pass Prizes!

Attention language enthusiasts and global explorers! The Online Language Support (OLS) by EU Academy is thrilled to announce an exhilarating video contest  for Erasmus+ and European Solidarity Corps participants. This fantastic opportunity offers participants the chance to snag one of 10 Interrail Global Passes!

How to Participate:

Create a captivating short video, ranging from one to three minutes, centered around one of these three engaging topics:

  1. A playful pronunciation challenge,

  2. An amusing anecdote about learning a new language, or

  3. Share what motivated you to embark on your language-learning journey.

Contest Deadline: February 4, 2024.

Find more information and submit your entries in the OLS video contest section within the language learning community you joined upon receiving the OLS invitation from your sending institution.