• Ever wonder what it actually means to be Erasmus? Everyone around you seems to be talking about the Erasmus+ Programme?
  • If you are the lucky one going on an Erasmus+ mobility, through all the excitement going on for you, you must for sure have some concerns about your departure. We all know uncertainty can be scary, but there is also beauty in every new beginning.
  • Stay with me until the end of this post and I will walk you though the first steps in understanding why and how a personal connection with a green living can offer you a better, happier life.
  • COVID-19
    In order to protect health and prevent the new type of coronavirus (COVID-19), a summary of activities that can be done, carry out, but also to the measures that must be observed during the development of these activities during the alert state.

COVID-19 updates

Last update: 15.05.2021

Conditions of entering Romania and list of yellow countries.

Read national regulations here. Please have in mind that the regulations are divided into more categories considering the positiveness rate in the last 14 day. Check the rates in your county here.

Useful websites: