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Making informed decisions is key when it comes to voting. But with all the information that we are being fed daily, getting started can be more than confusing. That's why we put together a list of resources to help you learn more about the EU and its upcoming elections, and become a well-informed voter.


Elections 1o1

  • European elections website - find out how to vote in different countries, how elections work, what the European Parliament does, or which are the political groups and parties in the European Parliament. Bonus: you can follow the result of the elections, compare results between different countries and even check which political groups could form a majority.
  • Together.eu - check out the latest events hosted by the European Parliament, join a training or sign up for a reminder to vote. You can also take it one step further and get involved in promoting democracy.
  • Erasmus Generation in Action voting from abroad tool - all you need to know about voting from abroad for each EU country.
  • Poll of Polls - Politico’s poll of polls aggregates data from multiple sources to give a bigger picture of the public’s support towards different political parties. You can check predictions for the European Parliament elections or for national elections across Europe.


The European Parliament and the EU


Fact Checking

  • EUfactcheck - with everyone trying to grab your attention and win your vote, disinformation and fake news can reach a peak during elective periods. Students from the European Journalism Training Association schools check statements about topics in the upcoming EU elections, creating fact checks, analyses and blog articles.

EU vs disinfo - this EU project monitors, identifies and responds to cases of disinformation. It also provides free learning resources, videos and even academic research for you to learn more about how fake news and disinformation work, and how you can help fight them.