When you cast your ballot, you're not just marking a piece of paper – you're shaping the future you want to live in. This is your opportunity to have your say on topics you care about and choose who will represent you for the years to come.


Why is this important? Because it directly impacts the laws and policies that affect your daily life. From education and healthcare to the environment and human rights, the decisions made by elected officials can have a profound impact on the way we live day by day. For example, the European Parliament plays a crucial role in passing laws and regulations that affect citizens across Europe. You may have heard about the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), which protects our privacy online, or the Single-Use Plastics Directive, aimed at reducing plastic pollution.


Next time you feel like your vote doesn’t matter, think about this: every five years YOU get to choose who leads the conversation in the European Parliament. #UseYourVote to make sure it is someone you resonate with!